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I am passionate, high-energy, collaborative, and innovative customer success executive with 18+ years’ experience in leading “Best in Class” organizations from the front. My leadership ethos is built upon 5 key business principles: people do business with people, loyal and engaged customers build the company, communication makes things happen, adoption and usage deliver real value, and increasing customers success is a company’s lifeblood. These Ethos principles have consistently enabled the teams I have led to be a differentiator in our companies’ ability to lead the industry.

I believe the key to all true customer success starts with the user experience, followed by an amazing set of technology capabilities.

I love opportunities that help me to continue to build on the great experience I have had thus far in my career. I have a genuine love for the customer. My innate desire is to help and serve by bringing people closer to what is valuable to them. I believe customers and employees are a company’s heart and its up to all of us to ensure the heart stays healthy to power the body (company) that enables so much value for them.

Lastly, I just really enjoy getting stuff done; I am very results oriented and love to achieve stretch and sometimes seemingly impossible goals. However it’s not good enough to just get stuff done. We must get stuff done together! I have a great love of people and I really enjoy seeing them succeed. I endeavor always to lead and mentor my teams to reach their own real potential each and every day. This is great for them, the company, and our customers!

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