The Principle

The heart of every company is their customer. They are the folks that pump the blood to all the organs and enable a company to exist and deliver value. The longevity of a company is therefore directly tied to their customer success or how a company takes care of its heart.

Inherently as companies grow and become larger they have a more difficult time maintaining a healthy heart and therefore a healthy body. I imagine it’s not much different to humans as we age. When companies are small or starting it is easy to engage the customer. They know them by name, they have a relationship, and they care for their success.

As companies get older and larger they start to focus on things like governance, structure, process, and metrics. With great intent any company can fall into the trap of measuring and managing their heart into the ground. It is refreshing to see a company that really cares about its heart. Especially after they have grown to a market worthy size.

I think we all have those companies in our life. They are the ones that look after us, our experience. They are the ones we continue to return to. They are the ones that take care of us. The ones that make sure the heart is working first and then other things later. They are the innovators that think about what we need before we even know it.

Customer Success isn’t natural to all. It is more about attitude than aptitude. Although both are needed, you can tell a great customer success company by its people. Does the customer first mentality sit inside the company’s values, inside its DNA, and most importantly inside the rooms that make the decisions on what to do for the heart?

Think back on your last few purchases. Why did you purchase it, when all companies are equal in value and service? My guess is that you are engaged with a brand and that your heart is being taken care of.

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