Me the Person

Every professional is built on a person.  Truly understanding the person is to really understand the professional.  Here are some tidbits from my life:

  • I am the 6th in a family of 10 kids
  • I am the eldest son
  • I love sports.  Specifically basketball, football, baseball, and running
  • I love putting my body to the test…think Tough Mudder style
  • I really enjoy video games, any entertainment that is sci-fi, and I love reading books with deep and intriguing topics
  • I really like to understand the deep cavities of why life is the way it is.  I like to unravel what makes people tick and then how to inspire them
  • I like to help people, it makes me feel purposeful

I am married to a great wife – Kristen Kator.  Who I depend on for counsel, understanding, good times, and sometimes to put me in that place I need to be put in.  We both enjoy traveling immensely.

I have lived in over 30+ places and visited 20+ countries.

I hope to be able to a father and grandfather someday.  My ultimate goal in life is to understand my purpose and then fulfill it everyday.

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